May Sausage of the Month: The Cumberland Curl

May Sausage of the Month: The Cumberland Curl

The Cumberland Sausage, with its distinctive coil shape and strong flavour, has been on the menu for over 500 years. Though the county of Cumberland is no more (now part of Cumbria), its legacy lives on through this iconic traditional sausage!

At half a millennium old, the Cumberland Sausage’s origins are lost to the depths of time. Most likely, however, its distinctive spicy flavour was a “more recent” development dating from the 18th Century when the ingredients ginger, pepper, and nutmeg were introduced to the region.

Our Cumberland Curls use the traditional spices, but we omit the rusk, ensuring the sausages stay gluten-free and 95% meat.

If you’ve not tried our Organic Gluten-Free Cumberland Sausages before, now is the time, as you’ll get 10% off the normal price until the end of the month!

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