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Nose to Tail Eating

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Packaging and Storage

Product Info

The often neglected, but super tasty and nutritious "other" parts of our Free Range Animals.

*Please note - the cost of Ox Cheeks has risen substantially - this is as we have to buy in from other Grass Fed Farms to meet demand*

These odd cuts offer great value, are full of flavour and high in nutrition.

A regular pack will contain a bit (or bits) of an animal suitable in size for at least one (interesting) family dinner from one of the following:

Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Lamb

Pastured Pork

 *Please note, due to the limited nature of these items, it is possible we may have to substitute your preference for the next nearest alternative.

Packaging and Storage

All our meat products are delivered fresh, in conveniently sized vacum sealed packets.

These can be kept in the fridge until the use by date printed on the label, which will be 6 days from the day of delivery.

You also have the option to freeze the packets, which will extend the storage time by 6 months.

Buying Options


Available in the following weights:

Beef: £6.00
Ox Tail (750g): £7.00
Ox Tongue (750g): £6.00
Ox Cheeks (400g): £8.00
Ox Cheeks Whole (400g): £8.00
Ox Cheeks Sliced (400g): £8.50
Lamb: £7.00
Knuckle End (750g): £8.50
Scrag End (750g): £7.00

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