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Free Range Bacon

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Ingredients and Allergens
Packaging and Storage

Product Info

We select only the finest cuts of pork from our pastured rare breed pigs for our free range bacon.

Our Free Range Bacon will come from one of the following:

Gloucester Old Spots

Middle Whites

Oxford Sandy Blacks

Our free range bacon available in three options:

Middle Bacon

This is the bacon pictured above. 6 Slices, approx 350g

Home Cured Bacon (Nitrite Free)

Similar to the bacon pictured but with a higher fat to meat ratio for those that just can't get enough! 6 Slices, approx 350g

(Currently unavailable)

Streaky Bacon

Great for crisping up and serving on some nice sourdough for the ultimate bacon sarnie! 15 Slices, approx 300g

Back Bacon

Our leanest bacon, with no rind. Great for breakfast, and any other time of the day! 10 Slices, approx 300g

Ingredients and Allergens

Dry Cured and Back Bacon


Cure (Salt, Sugar, Preservatives (E250, E251), Yeast Extract, Antioxidant (E301)).



Packaging and Storage

All our meat products are delivered fresh, in conveniently sized vacum sealed packets.

These can be kept in the fridge until the use by date printed on the label, which will be 6 days from the day of delivery.

You also have the option to freeze the packets, which will extend the storage time by 6 months.

Buying Options


Available in the following weights:

Dry Cured Middle Bacon (6 slices): £4.25
Dry Cured Streaky Bacon (15 slices): £4.25
Dry Cured Back Bacon (10 slices): £4.60

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