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Buy A Whole Cow - Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus Beef

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Product Info

Get Premium Grass Fed Beef from Free Range Aberdeen Angus Cattle at the best possible price by bulk buying an entire cow!

A Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus Cow, can be broken down into 10 x packages containing the following:

*Please note we've removed offal and odd bits from the list to avoid sending to those who don't want them. They can be ordered separately from "odd cuts" section*


1. 2.5kg rib of beef on bone

2. 2 x 1.5kg Topside/Silverside joint

3. 1 x 1.5 kg Brisket joint

4. 1 x 800g packs flat rib

5. 5 x 400g packs diced steak

6. 5 x 400g packs minced steak

7. 4 x 4oz fillet steaks

8. 4 x 8oz rump steaks

9. 6 x 6oz sirloin steaks

10.2 x 6oz rib eye steaks

11. 4 x 8oz braising steaks

11. 2 x 400g shin beef

The cost of each box works out at £200 each, including free packaging and delivery. This works out at some seriously good value grass fed beef sirloin!

The 10 boxes can be either sent to 10 different addresses, or sent out to fewer addresses (even just one address) over time. (If sent to more than one address, the meat will actually come from different cows so will be fresh).

The boxes come packed in ice, in freezer friendly packaging which can be frozen for up to 6 months.

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase half a cow for £1100 (£220 x 5 boxes)

OR 1/10th of a cow (i.e. 1 x the above contents) for £255 including free delivery.

Whole Cow FAQs

Q)If I order a whole or half cow, do I have to pay all at once?

A) Yes. This is how we can offer you such a good discount. Alternatively, you can order 1/10th at a time, and still make a great saving.

Q) Can I have different boxes sent to different addresses?

A) Yes. You can have all 10 boxes sent to 10 different addresses, at the same time if you wish, or at different times. To arrange this, you'd just need to email us with the addresses.

Q) If I don't want all the boxes at the same time, how do I arrange future deliveries?

A) To arrange future deliveries, all you have to do is email us with 1 weeks notice when you are ready for another box.

Q) Is there a time limit on how quickly I need to use all 10 boxes?

A) No, there is no time limit - take your time and enjoy the beef! To ensure you always get fresh meat, each subsequent box will actually come from different cows.

Q) How much room in my freezer will a 1/10th cow box take up?

A) Please see the image below to see what you will receive:


Packaging and Storage

All our meat products are delivered fresh, in conveniently sized vacum sealed packets.

These can be kept in the fridge until the use by date printed on the label, which will be 6 days from the day of delivery.

You also have the option to freeze the packets, which will extend the storage time by 6 months.

Buying Options


Available in the following weights:

1 x 10th Cow Box: £255.00

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