Organic Smoked Bacon – Nitrite Free (200g)


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We select only the finest cuts of traditional breed pork for our free range organic smoked bacon.

Our Free Range Organic Smoked Bacon is Back Bacon, and is free from Nitrites and Nitrates.

6 Slices (approx 200g)

*Please be aware that the amount of fat on our bacon can vary due to the natural lifestyle of our pigs. During the winter months especially, the pigs fatten up so the rashers can be up to 50% fat at times

Also, as there are no nitrates or nitrites used in the curing process, the bacon is not bright pink but more of a greyish colour*

Read more about our bacon here

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Ingredients and Allergens

Organically approved sea salt (no anti caking agent), Organic raw cane sugar and organic blackstrap molasses (no saltpetre)



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