Half Organic Pig – Basic

Half Organic Pig – Basic


Only 3 left in stock



Only 3 left in stock


Buy Half an Organic Pig and get the highest quality high welfare pork at the best price

Half an organic pig provides around 18kg of prime pork. We provide the pig fully butchered, all individually vacuum packed fresh and ready to go into your fridge and/or freezer.

We farm only traditional breeds – Mainly Oxford Sandy and Blacks, plus occasionally some Berkshire and Saddleback.

Order our basic butchering option, and you’ll receive the following cuts:

  • 6 x 500g packs Mince OR 500g packs of gluten-free sausages (can mix and match)
  • 3 x 1.5kg Leg joints (boned and rolled) OR 2 x 1.5kg leg joints and 3 x 500g packs diced pork
  • 3 x 1kg Shoulder joints (boned and rolled)
  • 3 x 1-1.2kg Belly joints (Ribs run 2/3 of way through belly so some on, some off bone)
  • 1 x 650g Tenderloin
  • 12 x 200g Pork Chops (packed in 2s)
  • 4 x 200g Pork Steaks (packed in 2s)
  • 1 x 400g Pork Hocks
  • 1 x 400g Pork Shanks
  • 2 x Trotters
  • 1 x Cheek
  • 1 x Ear

(Offal is available for purchase separately when available as it comes back to us in a separate delivery from the abattoir)

Additional information

Weight 18 kg

Half Pig FAQ

Q) How do I choose my butchery options?

A) After you’ve placed your order, please email us by replying to the order confirmation email telling us how many (if any) packs of sausages you’d like (and what variety), and how many (if any) packs of diced meat.

Q) How many packs of sausages can I have?

A) You can have up to 6 packs. Each 500g pack of mince can be made into 500g of sausages, so every pack of sausages is one pack of mince less. You could have 3 and 3, 2 and 4 etc. The choice is yours.

Q) How many packs of diced meat can I have?

A) You can have up to 12 packs. Each 1.5kg leg joints can be made into 3 x 500g packs of diced meat, so every 3 packs of diced is one leg joint less. You could have 2 leg joints and 3 packs, 1 and 6 etc. The choice is yours.

Q) Can I have the whole pig unbutchered for a hog roast?

A) We can’t send a whole unbutchered pig via the mail, but if you can come to us to collect we can arrange for you:

Green Pasture Farms
Dancer Lane