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Free Range Christmas Goose


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Free Range Christmas Goose (5-6kg) – Order Now for Christmas Delivery on Friday 21st December

In stock


Free Range Christmas Goose (5-6kg) – Order Now for Christmas Delivery on Friday 21st December

The Goose is making a comeback as the centrepiece of Christmas Dinner, and deservedly so.

Goose is succulent and meaty, with lots of delicious fat, great for doing the roast spuds!

Our geese are raised out on fresh pasture, allowed to roam free and grow at a natural pace.

Not only does this make for a happier bird, but also a tastier bird, as the meat has time to mature properly, producing turkey that is moist, tender and flavoursome, like it used to be!

The birds are then dry plucked by hand, and hung to really let the flavour develop to the maximum.

All geese will come with their giblets packed separately for your convenience.

Please see Goose FAQ tab for storage instructions.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg

Storage Instructions

IMPORTANT! Check your fridge temperature before delivery.

To ensure your Christmas bird stays fresh for the big day, make sure your fridge can maintain a temperature of 3 degrees C or below by taking regular readings a few days before with a fridge thermometer.

The bird will come loose bagged – store the bird in the bottom of your fridge with the bag open.

Ensure you keep the fridge cold by avoiding leaving the door open, and (as always) never put any hot food in the fridge, always alow it to cool to room temperature first.

If you have any doubts about your fridge, we recommend putting the bird in the freezer on receipt, then transferring to the fridge on Christmas EVE morning.