Christmas Dinner Selection (with Turkey)

Christmas Dinner Selection (with Turkey)

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Pre-order with a £30 deposit before the end of September and save 10% on last year’s prices!

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Choose your size of Turkey, and select how many packs of nitrite free streaky or back bacon, pigs in blankets, and gluten free stuffing you’d like with it below:

Organic Christmas Turkey
Organic Nitrite Free Bacon
Nitrite Free Bacon - Christmas

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Christmas Delivery Dates for Organic Christmas Dinner Selection pack with Turkey:

As Christmas day falls on a Wednesday this year, delivery options are limited to the following options:

Thursday 19th December – You will need to freeze your Turkey on receipt (See tab on storage instructions)

Friday 20th December – You will need to freeze your Turkey on receipt (See tab on storage instructions)

Tuesday 24th December – The turkey should be stored in the fridge until Christmas day morning.

For cooking, check out Nigel Slater’s fantastic guide here: Christmas Roast Turkey with Sweet Potato Stuffing

Storage Instructions

Christmas Eve Delivery:

Store your Turkey in the fridge.

The bird will come loose bagged – store the bird in the bottom of your fridge with the bag open.

Ensure you keep the fridge cold (<4C) by avoiding leaving the door open, and (as always) never put any hot food in the fridge, always allow it to cool to room temperature first.

Delivery on Thursday 19th / Friday 20th

You will need to FREEZE your turkey on arrival. This in no way affects the taste, texture or nutritional value of the turkey.

IMPORTANT – Turkeys take a long time to defrost.

This should ideally be done in the fridge if you have space, in which case we recommend starting the defrosting process on MONDAY MORNING as one should allow at least 10 hours per kg.

If you have no room in the fridge, please check the timing guide below:

Cool room (10-15C) – allow 4 hours per kg (Around 24 hours before you plan to cook the turkey)

Room temperature (20C) – allow 2 hours per kg (The night before you plan to cook the turkey)

Wherever possible though, defrosting in the fridge is much more preferable.