Christmas Dinner Selection (with Goose)

Christmas Dinner Selection (with Goose)

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Buy our Christmas Selection Bundle and Save 10% on Your Organic Christmas Dinner

Delivered Fresh on Friday 21st December (see storage instructions)

Choose your size of Goose, and select how many packs of streaky or back bacon, pigs in blankets, and gluten free stuffing you’d like with it below:

Organic Nitrite Free Bacon

Storage Instructions

IMPORTANT! Check your fridge temperature before delivery.

To ensure your Christmas bird stays fresh for the big day, make sure your fridge can maintain a temperature of 3 degrees C or below by taking regular readings a few days before with a fridge thermometer.

The bird will come loose bagged – store the bird in the bottom of your fridge with the bag open.

Ensure you keep the fridge cold by avoiding leaving the door open, and (as always) never put any hot food in the fridge, always alow it to cool to room temperature first.

If you have any doubts about your fridge, we recommend putting the bird in the freezer on receipt, then transferring to the fridge on Christmas EVE morning.