Sorry, we no longer offer chicken portions.

Here at Green Pasture Farms, it has always been our mission to reduce food waste to the absolute minimum by encouraging people to eat the entire animal.

We love and respect the animals that we raise, they make the ultimate sacrifice in order to nourish us and our families, and we therefore believe that their meat is sacred, and should never be wasted.

For this reason, during our short break for improvements over the summer, we have decided to go back to our original policy of only offering whole organic chickens.

Though we appreciate that the option to buy just some breasts, or a couple of legs, or a pack of wings can be convenient, it often leads to wastage at the butchers – if a lot more legs are sold than breast for example.

Up until just a few decades ago, buying whole chickens was the norm. It was only the rise of industrial factory farming that made chicken a cheap commodity that meant it became economic to offer portions, even if this meant a significant portion of the birds never reached the table.

We decided that we could not condone letting any more good meat go to waste, so from now on we will just be selling the whole bird.

Every single part of theanimal can be used – this is what our ancestors have done for millenia. The meat, the skin, the bones, the offal – all contain valuable nutrition.

We do appreciate however that bones and offal are not for everyone, so we do have options:

  1. Whole Unportioned Chicken – Just as nature intended, the complete package. Buying the chicken whole means less food waste, less packaging, plus it works out cheaper for you as there’s less labour at our end.
  2. Whole Portioned Chicken – If really you don’t have the time to prepare the chicken, and/or don’t want to make stock with the carcass this may be the option for you. We’ll cut the chicken into individually vacuum packed portions for you and remove the carcass so it can be purchased by someone else who’d like to use it for broth.

We are also considering offering a whole chicken’s worth of diced meat – if this would be of interest to you, please let us know and we will look at adding it to the range?

We hope that you understand and appreciate this decision, and that it does not inconvenience you too much.