Bulk Organic Grass-Fed Beef Box – Save £42!


We select only the finest cuts of free range organic grass fed beef for our bulk organic grass-fed beef box.

All the cuts of organic beef in our selection packs come from our naturally reared 100% organic grass-fed cows, which are free to roam in our lush green pastures.

This bulk organic grassfed beef box contains approximately one tenth of the meat available from a whole grass-fed cow.

If you would like other cuts that are available in smaller quantities or are not universally popular such as offal, bones, fats etc, please order these separately.

This box contains:

2 x Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak (196g each)
4 x Grass-Fed Sirloin Steak (196g each)
4 x Grass-Fed Beef Fillet Steak (196g each)
4 x Grass-fed Beef Rump Steak (196g each)
1 x Organic Grass-Fed Beef Rib on the Bone (1.4kg)
2 x Grass Fed Organic Beef Roast (1Kg each)
1 x Organic Grass Fed Beef Brisket (1Kg)
4 × Grass Fed Diced Beef (400g each)
4 × Grass-fed Beef Mince (400g each)
1 × Grass Fed Beef Shin (500g)
1 × Grass Fed Beef Braising Steak (750g)

Weight 11.5 kg
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