• Grass Fed Beef Heart
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  • Please note, offal is delivered fresh from the abattoir on the morning of dispatch, so we can never guarantee stock - please choose your preference below for what we should do if when we come to dispatch your delivery, we don't have any lamb's kidneys *
    • Refund - If we don't have lamb's kidneys, we will refund this item and send the rest of your order without it
    • Any other Lamb Offal OR Refund - We'll send you lamb liver or heart as an alternative, if there is no lamb offal at all available, we'll refund and send the rest of your order as planned.
    • Any other offal - We'll replace the lamb kidney with an alternative - typically ox kidney
  • Organic Pig Heart
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    1 x Organic Pig Heart

    Our Free Range Organic Pig Hearts come whole in freezer ready bags for your convenience. Each heart weighs approximately 150-200g. * Please note, due to its limited nature and sort shelf life, it's possible this product will come frozen. If neither fresh nor frozen stock is available, we will refund the item and send the rest of your order as planned * *Max 2 packs per order*
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