Organic Gammon

Free From Nitrates & Nitrites

Just as with our organic bacon, our home cured gammons are free from both nitrates and nitrites.

Many industrial producers are now catching on that consumers are aware of the potential dangers of these ingredients, but take advantage of the fact that not everyone is aware that nitrates and nitrites are two different chemicals.

They therefore get sneaks, remove one of them and then market their cured pork as “Nitrate Free” (though really it still contains nitrites) or vice versa.

There’s also more to good bacon and gammon than simply using a traditional cure free from potential carcinogens!

We use only pork from our own organic, pasture raised pigs.

Again, don’t be fooled by misleading labels such as outdoor bred, outdoor reared or even free range.

Organic is the only certification that guarantees that your pork comes from an animal that has had access to fresh pasture throughout it’s entire life, and hasn’t be routinely treated with antibiotics.

So when choosing your gammon this Christmas, go Organic, Nitrite & Nitrate Free – Best for the health of the animals, the planet and your and your family!

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