We love animals, we love the planet, we love eating healthy, and we love bacon!

Many people will tell you that bacon is a guilty pleasure – that tasty as it is, it’s cruel to animals, bad for the environment, and bad for your health.

Well while that may be the case with your average bacon, we’re confident that our organic nitrite free bacon is a world apart.

  • High Welfare – Our pigs live the Life of Riley. They are free to roam, forage, explore and play. Yes, their days are numbered, but unlike wild animals, they are guaranteed a safe, secure stress free life, followed by a quick and painless end. If you had to choose to be an animal, being one of our porkers wouldn’t be a bad choice.
  • Sustainable – Our pigs are given no antibiotics or other drugs or chemicals. They eat waste organic vegetables and peelings, and any supplemental feed is organic, sustainable and GMO free (pigs can’t be grass fed like cows and sheep as they’re not omnivores.
  • Healthy – In general, the health scares related to bacon are overblown in the media. The WHO classed processed meats as “probably human carcinogen” – The data shows that high levels of processed meat consumption is associated with increased risk of bowel cancer.But this risk increase is actually very small, from very high consumption – 100g of processed meats per day equated to an increase from a 5% lifetime risk, to a 6% lifetime risk. This was sold as a “20% increased risk of cancer”, but this is a rather disingenuous representation of the statistics, but really it’s just a 1% increase of 1 type of cancer.

    Nobody knows for sure what may cause this link. Indeed, it may just be a correlation, a red herring caused by other associated risk factors of typical high processed meat consumers – other processed foods, high calorie diets, smoking, drinking, lack of exercise – the average person eating 100g of processed meat per day is probably not following a healthy diet and lifestyle. One theory however, is that it may be the nitrites and nitrates typically used to cure bacon. When these are burned at high temperatures, they may turn into carcinogens.

    In order to play it safe, we have removed all nitrites and nitrates from our bacon. This coupled with the fact that our pigs are out on pasture, eating well and getting plenty of sun, makes our bacon a highly nutritious food, packed with good fats and high in vitamin D.

You can check out our selection of Nitrate and Nitrite Free Organic Bacon here.