Organic Grass-Fed Bones, Broths and Fats Lovingly Prepared to Nourish You and Your Family

Our range of organic, grass-fed bones, broths and fats are packed with nutrients such as collagen, amino acids, calcium, gelatine, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.

Ossa The Bone Broth Double Concentrate
Ossa Double Concentrate Bone Broth

All of our Bones, Fats and Broths are…


All of our bones, broths and fats are from organically raised animals that are free to roam fresh pasture and eat their natural diet.

We use no pesticides, artificial fertilisers, antibiotics or hormones in the farming process, nor do we use any artificial ingredients or additives in the cooking process.

Ossa The Bone Broth Organic Broup
Ossa The Bone Broth Organic Broup

Pasture Raised

We raise all of our animals on fresh pasture.
Our cows and sheep are 100% grass-fed.
Our pigs and chickens are fed a rich and varied diet high in vegetables, free from soy and GMO.

Read more about our animals and farming practices here.

Organic Pasture Raised Cows in Pendle
Organic Pasture Raised Cows in Pendle

Carefully Rendered

We render our dripping and lard carefully – warming the fat trimmings gently over a low heat. We do not hydrogenate nor use any chemicals or additives whatsoever

Organic Grass Fed Tallow
Organic Grass Fed Tallow

Low and Slow

All the broths, “broups” and stock cubes we offer are made with the same care and reverence – the organic grass-fed marrow bones are simmered slowly for 24-48 hours to ensure maximum nutritional benefits from the broth.

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