Nitrate Free Organic Streaky Bacon

3 Reasons Ours is The Best Nitrite Free Bacon

We are confident that ours is the best nitrite free bacon. This is due to three important factors:

The Pork

All of our bacon is made from pork from our own organic pasture raised pigs.

Whole Organic Pig
Organic Free Range Traditional Breeds Fed a Natural Diet

Our pigs live their entire lives free to roam on fresh pasture, forage for their natural diet, and roll in the mud, meaning they are happy and healthy.

Sadly, this is not the case for most of the pigs that end up being your bacon. 98% of UK pigs are fattened in sheds. 93% spend their entire lives indoors.

Don’t be fooled by claims such as “Outdoor bred”. The pigs still spend their entire lives in captivity, fed unnatural, unsustainable feed, and routinely dosed with antibiotics.

Even “Free Range” doesn’t count for much. The only certification that guarantees your bacon came from a happy, healthy pig is the organic one.

You can’t make the best nitrite free bacon without using the best pork!

The Cure

Our bacon is free from both nitrAtes and nitrItes.

You’ll now find various mass produced bacons claiming to be free from one or the other.

They’ll then list on their ingredients “natural flavourings“…
There are of course many natural sources of both nitrates and nitrites… crafty eh?

You can’t make the best nitrite free bacon if you’re secretly using hidden preservatives that are just the same!

Pasty, but tasty… Be warned, our bacon isn’t pink. This is because it’s the nitrites and nitrates that cause this colour change. It might not look like the bacon you’re used to when it arrives – But that’s a good thing!

Our bacon is cured with organically approved sea salt (no anti caking agent), organic raw cane sugar and organic blackstrap molasses.

Nitrate Free Organic Streaky Bacon
Nitrate Free Organic Streaky Bacon

Sugar? Don’t worry, the final product only contains trace amounts.

The sugar and salt draw the moisture out of the pork during the 2 week curing process. Afterwards, we rinse off the excess sugar and salt, then hang for another 10 days.

The Taste

Our bacon is delicious!

Organic Nitrite Free Bacon
The Best Nitrite Free Bacon

Don’t just take our word for it though, try some on us.

Try the Best Nitrite Free Bacon for Free…

We’re so confident that ours is the best nitrate free bacon and want to come back for more that we’re happy to let you try a pack for free!

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