New: Organic Pork and Grass-Fed Ox Heart & Liver Sausages

New: Organic Pork and Grass-Fed Ox Heart & Liver Sausages

A sausage to help Paleo Parents get nutritious grass-fed offal into their kids diets.

We all know that offal from well nourished and cared for animals is a nutritional super-food. It is however, an acquired taste, and often a difficult sell to children (and partners)!

That’s why we’ve created these sneaky sausages – 80% pork mince, with 20% grass-fed beef offal blended in. When mixed with the pork and the tasty blend of natural herbs and spices, the offal will slip down unnoticed.

Is all this subterfuge morally justifiable? We’ll leave it up to you whether you disclose the full contents of the sausage before or after serving, if at all. Regardless, you can sleep peacefully knowing you’ve nourished everyone at the dinner table.

Sold in 500g packs of 12 x think linked sausages in natural casing.

They are our sausage of the month, so are available at a discounted price until the 31st March.

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