Organic Grass-Fed Feather Steaks

New: Featherblade Steaks

Taken from the shoulder blade, the featherblade (or simply feather) steak has a distinctive ‘feather’ like tissue running through it, and although small it packs a lot of sweet flavour.

Though traditionally used as braising steak in the UK, this tasty little cut is far more versatile than it’s been given credit for – it’s now surging in popularity thanks to its success on American grills and barbecues!

We recommend it as a top choice for the barbecue – don’t get distracted and leave it too long though, the featherblade steak is best served medium-rare… (Check out our top BBQ tips here).

The normal price for 2 x 196g will be £7.49, but if you order before midnight on Sunday they will be available at the special introductory price of just £5.61!

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