What If My Chosen Cut Isn’t In Stock When My Order Is Dispatched?

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We are usually able to match orders exactly, however very occasionally this may not always be 100% possible. If one of your selected cuts isn’t available, we will replace it with the best possible match, of equal or greater value.

Most “muscle meat” items are never out of stock – i.e. steaks, chops, roasting joints, sausages, mince etc. Offal and odd bits however are in short supply, and high demand at the moment, therefore there is a higher risk they will be out of stock.

We try to manage stock as best we can, but as offal gets delivered fresh on the day of dispatch, and you are free to place orders in advance for any day you choose, it is not possible for us to be totally accurate.

If no suitable replacement is available, we will refund the out of stock item in full, and send the rest of your order without.

In all circumstances, we will contact you before dispatch to let you know in advance if anything will be missing from your order.

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