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We specialise in organic grass-fed beef and lamb, and organic pasture raised pork and chicken.

All of our lamb and mutton are 100% grass-fed, the pregnant sheep get a little organic cereal late in pregnancy as they need to be on a rising plain of nourishment. This is GMO and Soy free.

During the summer all of our cows are 100% grass-fed. Cows in winter get hay (grass harvested and dried in summer) plus a traditional blend of organic beans and peas – lupin seed if available – they need this occasional ration as they have no access to minerals occurring on the farm in winter. No soya, sunflower expeller or palm kernel are use at all.

Dairy cows have access all year to rock salt for fertility and when in milk they get a small amount of the traditional blend above.

Pork and chicken cannot be grass fed, as they are not ruminants. Our pork and chicken is all 100% organic free range however, and therefore free to forage for their natural diet.

The chickens receive supplemental feed which accounts for around 40% of their calorie intake, this is a mix of organic grains, legumes and seeds. Birds have evolved to eat grain, it is a natural part of their diet, and depriving them of it would be inhumane.

The chicken feed is produced by Hi-Peak Organic Feeds which is based in Derbyshire: Organic Wheat, Organic Soya exp, Organic Sunflower exp, Organic Maize, Organic Sweet Lupins, Organic Linseed exp, Dicalcium Phos, Calcium Carbonate, Organic Soya Oil, Organic Vitamins and Minerals, Betaine.

Our pigs receive a varied diet, predominantly composed of “reject” vegetables and hay, plus whatever they forage. They also eat some grain and legumes as they again would forage for this naturally in the wild, but it is by no means a staple part of their diet (also organic, GMO, corn and soy free).