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When will my Christmas Order be delivered?

Christmas orders can be delivered on the following dates:

  • Thursday 17th December
  • Friday 18th December
  • Tuesday 22nd December*
  • Wednesday 23rd December*

You can choose your preference at the checkout, though there are a limited number of slots per day so at some point only one day may be available.

What if I want some items earlier?

If you’d like some items before Christmas, please place two separate orders. One order with the Christmas items in it, and a second order with the non Christmas items, which you can place as normal and choose the delivery date at the checkout.

How does the deposit scheme work?

You can reserve your turkey or goose now with a £30 non-refundable deposit.

The balance is payable by Friday 11th December.

Are you not offering selection packs this year?

This year you can create your own selection pack!

If you purchase either a turkey or a goose, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on any of the Christmas trimmings found in the Christmas category – Bacon, Pigs in Blankets and Christmas stuffing.

This discount will automatically be applied if you have either item in your basket, or if you have purchased one already in a separate order.

Thanks for reading, have a great Christmas!

Storage Instructions

Delivery on the 22nd/23rd

Store your Christmas meat in the fridge.

The birds will come loose bagged – store your bird in the bottom of the fridge with the bag open.

Ensure you keep the fridge cold (<4C) by avoiding leaving the door open, and (as always) never put any hot food in the fridge, always allow it to cool to room temperature first.

Delivery on 17th/18th

You will need to FREEZE your meat on arrival. This in no way affects the taste, texture or nutritional value. (The exception would be gammon and bacon which are fine in the fridge)

IMPORTANT – Turkeys and Geese take a long time to defrost.

This should ideally be done in the fridge if you have space, in which case we recommend starting the defrosting process on WEDNESDAY MORNING as one should allow at least 10 hours per kg.

If you have no room in the fridge, please check the timing guide below:

Cool room (10-15C) – allow 4 hours per kg (Around 24 hours before you plan to cook the turkey)

Room temperature (20C) – allow 2 hours per kg (The night before you plan to cook the turkey)

Wherever possible though, defrosting in the fridge is much more preferable.

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