Are your animals vaccinated?

Our animals are not routinely vaccinated. Vaccination is permitted under the organic farming regulations, but as our animals are well cared for and sufficiently isolated from other farms we’ve never had any kind of disease outbreak.

What Pesticides Or Fertilisers Are Used On Your Farms?

No pesticides are used on our fields. Our fields are fertilised using the manure from our cows, sheep, chickens and pigs – Isn’t nature brilliant! An occasional natural lime dressing to balance Ph – no slurry, no human waste (sewage sludge) – Just well rotted bedding muck.

Is Your Meat Organic?

Yes, all of our beef, lamb, pork and chicken is certified organic by the Organic Farmers and Growers Certification Scheme. Certification number UKF120965. Our meat is raised to the highest standards, without the use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers or antibiotics. They are allowed to roam freely and forrage for their natural diets. Our processing site …

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Is Your Meat Treated With Hormones?

The use of hormones in livestock is illegal in the UK – and we wouldn’t use them even if they weren’t! All of our meat is 100% organic, free from drugs, chemicals, unnatural feeds, GMOs.

Is Your Meat Halal?

None of our animals are killed via the Halal method.   Our animals are taken to slaughter at Taylors at Bamber Bridge near Preston – a small family run company, by our own farmers in small wagons, and never mixed with other animals.   We do everything we can to ensure the process is as …

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Can I Visit Your Farms?

Yes, come and visit! We also have a farm shop so don’t worry about bringing a packed lunch… Green Pasture Farms Dancer Lane Rimington BB7 4EE 01282902702 The farm shop is open Mon-Sat 9.00-17.00 If that’s too far to travel, you can also do a virtual tour by taking a look at our Flick page!

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