Can I Return The Packaging?

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Can I Return The Packaging?

  • Wool Liners – Yes, and we’ll give you a voucher as a thank-you!

As we use a 3rd party courier service we can’t recollect the packaging from your home I’m afraid.

If you’d like to help us minimise our environmental impact even further however, you can return wool liners to us by dropping them off at a local collection point. We’ll pay the postage, and credit you with a discount voucher for £5 off a future order as a thank-you for your efforts!

Return Instructions

To return us the liners, please:

  1. Collect a minimum of 10 wool liners (less would not be economically viable)
  2. Wipe them down and package into bag or box that does not exceed 60x50x50cm
  3. Create a postage label by entering your email address in the form here
  4. Take the labelled package to any one of these 7500 Collect+ points nationwide.

As a thank-you, we’ll give you a discount coupon for £5 off your next order.

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