Rose Veal is a newcomer to the ethical shopper’s meat pantry.

Veal has long been associated with cruel and harsh farming practices designed to produce a tender and white meat.

Rose or Pink Veal is a different story altogether, born as the offspring to a dairy herd they are not reared quickly or disposed of early, they are raised within their year groups and turned out to pasture during the grazing months, they are then naturally reared to the age of around 9 months.

The resulting meat is tender, low fat and high in protein with a delicate flavour, suited to any recipe that beef would be used in and more, it is a versatile meat that we have ignored for far too long.

The sad fact is that here in the UK we dispose of the majority of bull calves shortly after birth, those lucky enough to be reared are exported live at 6 weeks of age and used as veal on the continent.

When reared to 9 months the resulting meat is excellent and when you put into perspective that most lambs are 6 months old or younger when they enter the food chain why are we so hung up on veal. Bottom line…  if you consume milk and dairy, get wise to veal.

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