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Health Benefits of Grass Fed Beef and Lamb and Pasture Raised Pork and Chicken

Cows and Sheep naturally graze on grass outdoors in fields. This is the image most of us have of farms, and what we are lead to believe is still normal practice.

Pigs and Chickens are omnivorous, and should be allowed to roam free and eat whatever they desire – From apples and acorns, to insects and even mice and small reptiles!

Unfortunately, the majority of meat now available in the supermarkets is from intensively raised meat fattened indoors in what are termed “Controlled Animal Feeding Operations” or CAFOs.

These CAFOs are not only inhumane, and terrible for the environment, but the meat produced is a far inferior product, both in terms of flavour and nutrition.

Fattening animals on grain produces meat that is lower in vitamins and minerals, and lower in omega 3 essential fatty acids and CLA (another healthy and important fat), while being higher in the highly inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids.

The unsanitary conditions also mean disease is rife leading to widespread antibiotic use to keep the animals alive, which can make it into the meat, or worse yet serious infections such as E.Coli.

Free Range Pork and Chicken, and Grass Fed Beef and Lamb, that is allowed to grow and develop naturally is much higher in fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K, contains much more omega 3 fatty acids and is a valuable source of CLA.

The higher welfare and hygiene practices mean that the animals stay healthy, and do not need routine treatment with antibiotics, as the animals are naturally free from disease.

Choose meat from Green Pasture Farms, and you will not only taste the difference, you will feel it!

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