We are happy to announce that we are once again offering delicious ready made Bone Broth, lovingly prepared by The Bone Broth Company to save you time and hassle in the kitchen!

Created using only the finest ingredients:

Free Range Grass Fed Beef Bones
Organic Onions & Organic Pink Salt

The beef bones are roasted and then slowly simmered in stainless steel pots for a minimum of 48 hours, the result is a rich full flavoured broth, deeply nourishing, a real bone broth the way it should be.

Our broth is delivered FROZEN so when you receive it, you can put it in the freezer or defrost it in the fridge.

The broth just needs bringing to the boil for 30 seconds before consuming.

It is available in 200ml and 1 litre packs for £3.25 and £14.95 respectively.

You can find it on our site here: Paleo Bone Broth.