Sausages – Simple, yet satisfying!

It’s thought that we’ve been eating them for thousands of years.

The word sausage comes from the french “saucisse” which in turn came from the latin “salsus” which means salted.

Traditionally, sausages were an efficient way to ensure there was no wastage from the animal. All the parts that couldn’t be made into joints or steaks would be minced, salted, then filled into the cleaned intestines of the animal to be cured – the only way to preserve meat before refrigeration.

Modern sausages lost their way, using synthetic skins, cheap fillers and chemical preservatives.

We pride ourselves in making real sausages, with real ingredients.

We only use prime organic pork, along with 100% natural, organic ingredients, filled into real pig or sheep casings.

Every month we are going to offer a special variety, by adding real organic fresh ingredients.

This month’s flavour is Organic Pork and Leek – our usual traditional gluten free blend of herbs and spices, plus fresh organic leek. Nothing more, nothing less!