We use Eco-Friendly Insulating Packaging to deliver our Organic Grass-Fed British Meat as looking after the planet is our top priority.

We strongly believe our Regenerative Farming methods have a positive impact on the environment, so it’s important to us that we don’t counteract this by creating unnecessary waste or pollution.

For this reason we have selected packaging that ensures your produce arrives to you in perfect condition, whilst minimising carbon emissions and avoiding landfill, whilst being economical and practical.

Below is a list of all the packaging we use to get you your meat to your door fresh and chilled, and what to do with it once you’ve got all that lovely produce safely in the fridge or freezer.

Cardboard Boxes

The boxes are printed locally on recycled cardboard, and taped with paper tape, which means it can in turn be recycled again by your local council.

  • Cardboard Boxes – Place in recycling (or reuse or add to compost)

Ice Packs

We use Eco-Chill Ice Packs by Puffin Packaging. They are made with Bio-Marine Content (which produces 5 x lower Carbon Footprint). The gel is totally inert and non toxic, the wrapper 100% recyclable.

  • Ice Packs – Cut open and pour defrosted gel down sink with warm running water. Rinse the wrapper and place in recycling (or reuse intact for picnics/sports injuries/keeping things cool!)

Wool Liners

Our wool liners are also made by Puffin Packaging. The wool is not only a highly effective insulator, but is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Even better, the liners are reusable, so if you wish you can return them to us and we’ll credit you with a discount voucher as a thank you!

  • Option 1 – Return the liners to us (Instructions here) and earn a £5 voucher!
  • Option 2 – Add to your compost heap (or put in organic waste bin)
  • Option 3 – Re-purpose: The liners make great insulation / Pet bed liners / Use your imagination!

Sausage/Burger Trays

The trays themselves are cardboard, and so can be recycled or composted. The absorbent pads and cling-film are not recyclable unfortunately, but are necessary to ensure your sausages arrive in tip top condition! We are researching and testing alternatives.

  • Cardboard Tray – Place in recycling (or compost)
  • Pads & Cling-Film – Place in general waste

Plastic Bags

We have found that a liner bag is necessary to ensure the contents stay cold and the box dry. We are researching and testing compostable/recyclable alternatives that do an equally effective job, and hope to replace these ASAP. In the meantime you could re-purpose as bin bags if possible rather than disposing of immediately.

  • Plastic Bags – Place in general waste

Vacuum Packs

We do aim to be 100% plastic free in the future, but currently there just isn’t a plastic free solution that ensures your meat arrives in perfect condition.

The best compromise we’ve found so far are new recyclable plastic vacuum packs.

We are in a transition phase, using up old vacuum packs, and also the recyclable ones aren’t currently available in all the sizes we need.

To avoid confusion, the recyclable plastic vacuum packs have “recyclable plastic” printed on them. The normal ones do not.

  • Recyclable Vacuum Packs – Rinse clean and place in recycling
  • Unprinted Vacuum Packs – Place in general waste

This set up ensures that your meat arrives in perfect condition every time, comes at an economical price, and has a very minimal impact on the environment.

That said, we are constantly looking for new alternatives, and aim to be 100% plastic free, reusable and/or biodegradable ASAP!

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