Christmas Birds for Smaller Gatherings

It is likely that many of us will be having a smaller gathering at Christmas than usual this year, be it due to social distancing rules, travel restrictions or personal choice.

Regardless of the reasons, a 7kg turkey is likely too much for a family of four, unless you are really looking forward to eating turkey sandwiches throughout January…

The good news is that we do have some great alternative options, from smallest to largest:

Roast Chicken

If you’re planning on a couple’s Christmas dinner this year, you can’t go wrong with one of our organic whole chickens.

Moist and succulent, our chickens are perfect any day of the year, and at 1.8kg are perfect for a couple of young family.


Looking for something a little different? Why not try duck? At around 2.7kg this is our next smallest option. If you normally eat goose, duck is the perfect smaller alternative. Rich, dark meat, full of flavour with plenty of fat. Not to mention the roast potatoes you’ll achieve with the duck fat!

Extra Large Chicken

Normal chicken too small, turkey too big? Then one of our 3.5kg birds could be just the thing! Ideal for around 4 adults or a family with several young children.

Don’t forget to stuff it with our special gluten-free Christmas stuffing!

Small Turkeys

Though they had sold out, we now have a few additional small turkeys available due to cancellations.

With an average weight of between 4-5kg this size bird is perfect for a gathering of around 6 adults.

Plenty for Christmas dinner, and just enough leftovers to avoid cooking on boxing day!


At between 5-6kg these can’t really be classed as a small bird, but they are incredibly delicious!

If you’re planning a gathering of 6 people (or more if circumstances allow) we guarantee it’ll be all gobbled up by the end of boxing day and you’ll be wishing for more…

Alternative Christmas Roasts

Birds aren’t the only option – there are no rules you have to stick with poultry at Christmas:

Don’t forget the trimmings!

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