steak food

Gluten-Free Peppercorn Sauce Recipe

The perfect side to any of our organic grass-fed steaks, or our beef rump roast recipe, this classic sauce is quick and easy to make, but will make your guests feel like they are fine dining!

Homemade Paleo Ketchup Recipe

Homemade Paleo Ketchup Recipe

Our homemade paleo ketchup recipe is free from sugar and artificial ingredients.
Just tomatoes, lemon juice and herbs and spices!
Perfect for serving with our organic gluten-free burgers and sausages.

Enhanced Paleo Beef Burger Recipe

Guest Recipe: Enhanced Paleo Beef Burgers

These burgers are “enhanced” with organic grass-fed beef liver – one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet, but not always to everyone’s taste. By sneaking the liver into these delicious burgers, you can nourish the whole family while avoiding tantrums at the dinner table!

Guest Recipe: Ossa Asian Style Ribs

Try this slow cooked ribs recipe for an easy to make, all natural and hearty meal that is sure to become a family favourite!
Using The Tallow to baste the meat adds a nutritional boost of grass fed fat, high in vitamin A & K and adds the perfect crisp coating to this twist on classic ribs.

Bone Broth Boosted Gravy Recipe

Bone Broth Boosted Gravy Recipe

Our good friends at Ossa Organic have passed us this fantastic recipe for broth enriched gravy, a perfect tasty and nutrient dense side to your Christmas dinner.
It is gluten, lactose and grain free.

steak food

Garlic Herb Crusted Rump Roast Recipe

This garlic herb crusted rump roast recipe should feed 4-6 people.

We like to serve our garlic and herb crusted beef rump roast with our gluten-free peppercorn sauce with steamed brocolli, baby carrots and roast sweet potatoes.

Smoked Paprika Pulled Pork Recipe

Low and slow is also the best way to cook our meat – maximising its rich flavour and bioavailability of the goodness within.

This is one of our favourite recipes for slow cooked organic pork shoulder with smoked paprika dry rub and crackling.

Paleo Beef Mince and Broccoli Stir-Fry Recipe

Today we thought we’d share one of our favourite recipes for what is one of our most popular products, our 100% grass-fed organic beef mince.
Our recipe uses 2 fresh chillies, though of course you can adapt this up or down to your own personal taste.
It’s very quick and easy to cook, and only uses one pan so hardly any washing up!

Organic Pork RIbs with Dry Rub Jerk Seasoning

Organic Pork Ribs with Dry Rub Jerk Seasoning

Organic Pork Ribs… There’s something deeply satisfying about eating meat on the bone, that awakens the caveman, or woman, within!
Baby back ribs are a highly versatile cut, that can be baked in the oven, slow cooked in a stew, or barbecued.
Our personal favourite way to cook baby back ribs (aside perhaps from barbecuing in the summer), is to slow cook in the oven with a dry rub.

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