Due to popular demand, our whole (and half) pig products are back on sale.

Not only are our pigs now certified organic, but you’re also now going to get more of them!

We’re selecting only our largest pigs to ensure more meat per animal. One of our wholepigs will now provide a minimum weight of 37kg of delicious high welfare, sustainable, ethical pork.

Our Whole and Half Pigs come butchered for your convenience, all packaged in BPA free vacuum packaging, ready to put straight in the fridge or freezer. Once frozen, you have up to 6 months to work your way through from nose to tail.

Whole Organic Pig

Whole Pig – Your Way

whole pig is a lot of meat, so it’s important you get it exactly the way you want.

Our Basic Option comes with the options of choosing between pork mince, or gluten free sausages, and boneless leg joints or diced leg meat.

You can mix and match as you like – there’s a total of 3kg worth of mince that can be made into sausages. You can have all mince, all sausages, or anything in between – i.e. 1kg mince and 2kg sausages. You can choose any variety of sausages from our range (all organic and free from gluten or any artificial ingredients).

There are a total of 6 x 1.5kg leg joints – each one can potentially be diced into 3 x 500g packs of diced leg meat. Again, you can have all joints, all diced, or any combination in between.

Free Range Organic Smoked Bacon

Show me the Bacon!

Love Bacon? Then Our Whole Pig with Bacon sounds like the option for you.

We take 2 of the belly joints and turn them into 1.5kg of delicious nitrite free streaky bacon, and half of the pork chops we turn into nitrite free back bacon.

We can be flexible however – if you’d prefer more or less of one type of bacon we can do that, just bare in mind more streaky is less belly, more back is less chops, and vice versa!

We can also swap the sausages for mince, and dice some or all of the leg joints as we do with the basic pig product too.

Get Your Whole Pig Delivered to Your Door, Just How you Want It.