This month’s special sausage uses fresh organic chive to give a new twist to our traditional gluten-free organic pork sausages.

Chive is another member of the allium family (like leek and baby leaf garlic our previous month’s flavours), all of which combine really well with pork producing a truly delicious sausage.

If you’ve only seen them in the shops, you may not have seen the wonderful purple flowers that chives produce.

Allium schoenoprasum - Bombus lapidarius - Tootsi

Not only are these flowers beautiful, they are also edible (a great addition to salads), and fantastic for bees – they are one of the top 10 nectar producing flowers in the UK.

Our Gluten-Free Organic Pork and Chive Sausages will be available all throughout April with a 10% discount.