Please read the information below carefully before placing an order:


Although every effort has been made to ensure that all the information on this website is up to date and accurate, Green Pasture Farms cannot be held responsible for any errors contained within.

Green Pasture Farms reserves the right to refuse extremely large/bulk orders.

All products are subject to availability.


Due to the fresh nature of our products, we cannot be held responsible for deliveries which fail because the chosen recipient is not available at the given address at the specified delivery date and time. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the courier can gain access to the delivery location.

If no one is available to take the delivery, and no suitable safe place has been specified by the customer, or if the safe place is found to be unavailable or deemed unsuitable by the delivering courier, the delivery will be taken back to the local delivery depot, and the customer will be notified in order to arrange collection or redelivery the following day.


More than 99% of our deliveries arrive on time. Occasionally however, unavoidable delays can lead to a later delivery. If this is the case, we will of course refund your delivery charges. It is important however, that you also specify a safe place where the box could be left under these circumstances, if you will not be able to wait in past the expected delivery time for its arrival. If the box were to arrive late, and there was no one available to take delivery, and nowhere safe to leave the box, your delivery will be taken back to the delivery depot, and it will be your responsibility to arrange collection from the couriers, or redelivery the following day directly with the couriers.

In the very rare situation that your box should be delayed until the following day the meat will still be in perfect condition, and we will supply you with a voucher for 15% of the total cost your next order as an apology for the delay. (Because of this 1% risk, we recommend choosing a delivery day at least 1 day before you need the meat. I.e. if you have a special dinner on Friday evening, choose Thursday or earlier for delivery).

Delays of more than 1 day, the box will automatically be destroyed by the courier company, and we will arrange either a full refund or a resend, whichever is most convenient for you.


All of our products are gluten free, and no gluten is handled on site.

All of our cured pork products are free from nitrates and nitrites.

For more information on specific products, please check the ingredients and allergens tabs on the product information pages.


We always try to send out your order exactly as you placed it, however sometimes this isn’t always possible as we only have finite quantities of each cut.

If we don’t have enough stock to fulfil your order exactly, we will try to send a similar replacement of equal or higher value. I.e. a similar cut from the same animal – for example pork shoulder in place of pork leg. We would never send meat from a different animal, or from a different category (i.e. offal in place of a prime cut or vice versa).

If no suitable substitution is available, we will send your order without the missing items, and refund the cost back to your account.

Most “muscle meat” items are never out of stock – i.e. steaks, chops, roasting joints, sausages, mince etc. Offal and odd bits however are in short supply, and high demand at the moment, therefore there is a higher risk they will be out of stock.

If your order is predominantly offal and odd bits, please bear in mind that there is a chance a significant proportion of your order may be out of stock. If there is so much of your order out of stock that the remaining items come to a value of less than £20, we will cancel your order and refund in full. To avoid disappointment, we advise ordering mainly “muscle meat” items, with just a few supplemental odd bits – in proportion with the animal.

In all circumstances, we will contact you on the day of dispatch to let you know in advance if anything will be missing from your order.


Single Orders

Single orders can be cancelled up until 09.00am the day before dispatch for a full refund (to ensure no meat is butchered unnecessarily and wasted).

If your order is due for delivery on Tuesday, you can cancel up until 09.00am on Sunday.

If your order is due for delivery on Wednesday, you can cancel up until 09.00am on Monday.

If your order is due for delivery on Thursday, you can cancel up until 09.00am on Tuesday.

If your order is due for delivery on Friday, you can cancel up until 09.00am on Wednesday.

The only exceptions to this rule would be orders containing chickens. Chickens are killed to order on Tuesday mornings. For this reason the order cut off for delivery of chickens the same week is midnight Monday, and last cancellation Tuesday morning at 9am for both Thursday or Friday deliveries.

To cancel, please email to or simply reply to the confirmation email.


Due to the fresh nature of our products we cannot accept returns.

If, however, you feel that you have not received the products or service that you expected – products missing, damaged or not as advertised – contact us by replying to your confirmation email and we can refund you accordingly without the need to return anything.

Though we are sure this won’t be the case!


Green Pasture Farms are committed to maintaining the privacy of all of its customers.

All customer details will be stored on a secure database for reference purposes only.

We will never pass your details on to a 3rd party.

We will only ever contact you by telephone if an urgent issue arises with your order.

The terms and conditions above are written in accordance with UK and EU law and do not affect your statutory rights.



When you place an order, you will be automatically subscribed to our essential email list.

This is to ensure that you receive all the necessary information regarding your order such as the confirmation email, notification of dispatch, and any other important information regarding your order.

You can also choose to opt in at the checkout to receive additional emails featuring news and offers from the farm.

If you wish to stop receiving our promotional emails, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any of the emails.


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