Green Pasture Farms is a collective of traditional family farms in the North Lancashire area of Pendle.

We pride ourselves on being Ethical, Ecological and Economical.


All our meat is reared ethically, fed its natural diet, and allowed to roam freely in the green pastures of Pendle.

Although our meat is not certified as organic (in order to keep the cost economical), we use no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers on our fields, nor do we give our animals and unnatural feed or routine administrations of drugs.

Our cows and sheep simply graze the lush grass on the hills, and our free range pigs and chickens are allowed to roam and forage till their heart’s content.

All of our meat is slaughtered at a local abattoir less than 10 miles away, and they are never mixed with other animals from other farms.


There is a misconception that meat production is not good for the environment, as it is too resource dependent.

Many vegetarians and environmentalists claim that it is an inefficient use of crops, water and land to farm livestock. While this may be true for intensively raised animals on CAFOs, it is far from the truth with well-managed local farms such as ours.

Benefits of Grass Fed Beef and Lamb

Our cows and sheep eat only grass. Grass is the best adapted crop to grow in the hills of Northern England. Unlike grains and legumes (the foods commonly suggested by vegetarians that we should eat instead of meat) they require no fossil fuel based fertilisers, no pesticides or herbicides, and no ploughing or harvesting by machinery.

(Even with the use of all these chemicals and energy input, grains and legumes would still not grow in these wild hills, requiring that they be imported from other countries, resulting in more food miles, and potentially the out pricing of local people of their staple foods).

Unfortunately, humans cannot eat grass, as we can’t digest it to release the energy and nutrients. Thankfully, our animals do a great job or doing this for us, converting the grass into nutrient dense, tasty meat for us to eat!

It does take water to grow the grass, but “thankfully” we get lots of rain over here in Pendle anyway, so there is no need for irrigation or diverting water resources from elsewhere.

Ok, we admit it, we do use a lot of land to raise our animals – Far more in fact than we are legally obliged to be classed as free range! We are not selfish, however, and share our land with lots of different species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. Unlike mono-cropping practices such as those used in the production of wheat, corn and soy, pasture based farming encourages biodiversity. I am sure that very few people walking through the green grassy hills of Pendle would view our open pastures as a misuse of land.


By cutting out the supermarkets, and dealing direct with you, the customer, we are able to offer our highest quality produce at a fair and affordable price.

Our unique way of enabling you to custom build your meat box, whilst still allowing some variety enables us to make the most efficient use of the animal. This is not only better for the environment due to a reduction in waste, but also helps us be even more economical.