Here at Green Pasture Farms we pride ourselves on being Ethical, Ecological and Economical.


All of our meat is certified organic, reared ethically, fed its natural diet, and allowed to roam freely in the green pastures of Pendle.

Our cows and sheep simply graze the lush grass on the hills, and our free range pigs and chickens are allowed to roam and forage till their heart’s content.

All of our meat is slaughtered at a local abattoir less than 10 miles away, and they are never mixed with other animals from other farms.


There is a misconception that meat production is not good for the environment, as it is too resource dependent.

Many vegetarians and environmentalists claim that it is an inefficient use of crops, water and land to farm livestock. While this may be true for intensively raised animals on CAFOs, it is far from the truth with well-managed organic pasture based farms such as ours.

Read about the benefits of grass-fed beef and lamb here.

All of our meat, ingredients and processes are certified organic. Our processing site is managed by J. Robinson & Son who are the organic certificate holders and brand owners.


By cutting out the supermarkets, and dealing direct with you, the customer, we are able to offer our highest quality produce at a fair and affordable price.

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