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Organic Grass-Fed British Meat

Here at Green Pasture Farms we practice Regenerative Agriculture,
producing Organic Grass-Fed British Meat in an Ethical, Sustainable manner.

Our Organic Grass-Fed British Meat is farmed in Pendle, North Lancashire where our animals graze on the green pastures produced by all that wonderful rain… We farm in harmony with nature to produce meat that is happier and healthier. Our animals eat their natural diets, and we use no chemicals or pesticides.

We deliver direct from Farm to Fork across the UK in Eco-Friendly Packaging. This cuts out the middleman so we can offer the highest quality organic grass fed British meat at the best possible price.

All of Our Produce Is 100%:

  • Organic & Free Range
  • Grass Fed Beef & Lamb
  • Pasture Raised Pigs & Chickens
  • GMOs, Hormones, Antibiotics Free
  • Gluten, Nitrates, Additives Free
  • Hydrogenated Oil and Fat Free

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