7 Hacks for a Perfect Barbecue

A perfect barbecue is a work of art, no matter how simple this process seems at first. Choosing the right meat, finding the best grill and combining the spices in the most delicious way possible requires a lot of skills and experience. Luckily, some things can help you tackle this delightful task more skilfully, so here are seven hacks that will make your barbecue outstanding.

Get great Meat

A number of world-famous chefs will tell you that the key to an amazing barbecue is the choice of meat, so you have to make sure you do it properly. Opting for one steak over another is challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing, so learn how to pick the right cut as soon as possible. Once you get familiar with different kinds of meat and the difference between a beef tri-tip, beef sirloin, flank steak and porterhouse steak, picking your favourite is easy – alternatively, sticking to a featherblade steak is always a wonderful option!

Add Great Flavour

Once you find the perfect piece of meat, it’s time to season and marinade it. Some sage, thyme or rosemary will do the trick and turn your meat into something remarkable, especially if you let it marinade overnight. In addition to that, get a great barbecue sauce if you want to enhance the flavour even more and become the barbecue master you’ve always wanted to be.

Explore Flavour

An amazing piece of meat deserves more than simple grilling, so you need to come up with a few signature recipes your friends and family will enjoy. For instance, you can do wonders with skin on chicken breasts and prepare a huge feast in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, learn how to make enhanced burgers with a twist for all your friends on a Paleo diet who will certainly appreciate your effort.

What about some Veggies?

Barbecues are supposed to be all about the meat and wilderness – but what about adding some vegetables to the mix? Veggies complement our highly nutritious pasture raised meat by adding fibre and water soluble vitamins. You can simply grill your vegetables and serve them as a side dish. Grilled asparagus, cabbage, radish, onions, lettuce and pepper will complement your meat perfectly and make the entire dish more colourful.

The right tools

The whole barbecue experience requires more than a grill. You need proper tools and utensils to prepare and handle your meat. From a personalized steak branding iron and meat shredder to grill brushes, scrubbers and scrapers – just imagine how easier preparing meat could be with these!
Therefore, keep an eye out for spectacular daily deals on barbecue accessories and start adding these useful tools to your collection.

Or some Fish?

Speaking of uncommon food choices, you could also introduce some fish to your barbecue. High-fat fish are quite suitable for barbecuing and the taste of their natural oils is out of this world. Preparing fish for grilling is a delicate process, but, if done correctly, you’ll get a tremendous meal in no time.

Trust your App

One of the perks of modern technologies is the help these provide in the kitchen and there are even apps that guide you through the process of grilling. They help you choose the best meat, suggest suitable spices and tell you when to start and stop barbecuing it. Some of them are full of unusual recipes and intriguing suggestions, so relying on these will surely turn you into a better chef.

Other hacks

Picking the right meat is only the first step towards a perfect barbecue, while some of the other things you might want to do in the process are spiral-cutting your sausages for extra crispiness, preparing barbecue rub in a jar and greasing your grill for more flavour.

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