Organic Grass-Fed British Meat

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Here at Green Pasture Farms we practice Regenerative Agriculture,
producing Organic Grass-Fed British Meat in an Ethical, Sustainable manner.

Our Organic Grass-Fed British Meat is farmed in Pendle, North Lancashire where our animals graze on the green pastures produced by all that wonderful rain… We farm in harmony with nature to produce meat that is happier and healthier. Our animals eat their natural diets, and we use no chemicals or pesticides.

We deliver direct from Farm to Fork across the UK in Eco-Friendly Packaging. This cuts out the middleman so we can offer the highest quality organic grass fed British meat at the best possible price.

All of Our Produce Is 100%:

  • Organic & Free Range
  • Grass Fed & Finished Beef & Lamb
  • Pasture Raised Pigs & Chickens
  • GMOs, Hormones, Antibiotics Free
  • Gluten, Nitrates, Additives Free
  • Hydrogenated Oil and Trans-Fat Free

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5 Reasons to Buy Grass-Fed Beef in the UK

In this article we’ll look at the 5 most important reasons to buy grass-fed beef in the UK. There are many benefits to choosing Organic Grass-Fed British Meat. First, however, we’re going to explain exactly what grass-fed means, and how it differs from the standard beef you’ll find in the supermarket or local butchers. Most…

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3 Reasons Ours is The Best Bacon

3 Reasons Ours is The Best Bacon We are confident that ours is the best bacon. This is due to three important factors: 1 We use Organic Pork We make all of our bacon with pork from our own organic pasture raised pigs. Organic Free Range Traditional Breeds Fed a Natural Diet Our pigs live…

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Our Chickens are Raised on Fresh Pasture

Our Chickens are Raised on Fresh Pasture To us, it’s common sense that chickens should always be raised on fresh pasture. It’s vital that they can roam around and forage for grubs, insects and a wide variety of wild plant foods. Just like us humans, however, they might not be so inclined to venture out…

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Alternative Organic Roasts for Christmas

Looking for something other than turkey or goose for your Christmas dinner? Why not try one of our delicious Organic Christmas Roasts? Delicious, nutritious and sustainable, our organic and grass-fed Christmas roasts are a great option for those who either aren’t so keen on poultry or simply prefer the rich flavour of red meat. The…

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Organic Christmas Range Now On Sale

Our Organic Christmas Range is now on sale! Order now to secure the perfect Christmas bird or roast for your family dinner.We have Organic Christmas Turkeys and Extra-Large Organic Chickens for all sizes of gathering.Want something a little different? We also have Free-Range Geese and ducks!If poultry is not your thing, check out our range…

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Slow-Cooked Ox Tail Stew Recipe

These burgers are “enhanced” with organic grass-fed beef liver – one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet, but not always to everyone’s taste. By sneaking the liver into these delicious burgers, you can nourish the whole family while avoiding tantrums at the dinner table!

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September Sausage of the Month: Organic Grass-Fed Beef & Tomato

Try our hand made organic gluten-free beef and tomato sausages during September and save 10% on the normal price!Made with 100% grass-fed and finished British beef with organic tomatoes and an organic gluten-free seasoning, these sausages are a great addition to any end of the season barbecue. Shop now

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August Sausage of the Month – Organic Pork and Leek

Sausages – Simple, yet satisfying! It’s thought that we’ve been eating them for thousands of years. The word sausage comes from the french “saucisse” which in turn came from the latin “salsus” which means salted. Traditionally, sausages were an efficient way to ensure there was no wastage from the animal. All the parts that couldn’t…

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Summer Steak Special

To celebrate summer, we’ve got a limited time offer on some of our favourite steaks for the barbecue. Order rump, sirloin or minute steaks, and save 10% while current stocks last. If you order a bundle of 2 x packs of each you’ll also receive an additional 5% off at the checkout, a total saving…

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