Organic Grass-Fed British Meat

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Here at Green Pasture Farms we practice Regenerative Agriculture,
producing Organic Grass-Fed British Meat in an Ethical, Sustainable manner.

Our Organic Grass-Fed British Meat is farmed in Pendle, North Lancashire where our animals graze on the green pastures produced by all that wonderful rain… We farm in harmony with nature to produce meat that is happier and healthier. Our animals eat their natural diets, and we use no chemicals or pesticides.

We deliver direct from Farm to Fork across the UK in Eco-Friendly Packaging. This cuts out the middleman so we can offer the highest quality organic grass fed British meat at the best possible price.

All of Our Produce Is 100%:

  • Organic & Free Range
  • Grass Fed & Finished Beef & Lamb
  • Pasture Raised Pigs & Chickens
  • GMOs, Hormones, Antibiotics Free
  • Gluten, Nitrates, Additives Free
  • Hydrogenated Oil and Trans-Fat Free

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5 Reasons to Buy Grass-Fed Beef in the UK

In this article we’ll look at the 5 most important reasons to buy grass-fed beef in the UK. There are many benefits to choosing Organic Grass-Fed British Meat. First, however, we’re going to explain exactly what grass-fed means, and how it differs from the standard beef you’ll find in the supermarket or local butchers. Most…

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3 Reasons Ours is The Best Bacon

3 Reasons Ours is The Best Bacon We are confident that ours is the best bacon. This is due to three important factors: 1 We use Organic Pork We make all of our bacon with pork from our own organic pasture raised pigs. Organic Free Range Traditional Breeds Fed a Natural Diet Our pigs live…

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Our Chickens are Raised on Fresh Pasture

Our Chickens are Raised on Fresh Pasture To us, it’s common sense that chickens should always be raised on fresh pasture. It’s vital that they can roam around and forage for grubs, insects and a wide variety of wild plant foods. Just like us humans, however, they might not be so inclined to venture out…

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May Sausage of the Month: The Cumberland Curl

May Sausage of the Month: The Cumberland Curl The Cumberland Sausage, with its distinctive coil shape and strong flavour, has been on the menu for over 500 years. Though the county of Cumberland is no more (now part of Cumbria), its legacy lives on through this iconic traditional sausage! At half a millennium old, the…

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Organic Lamb is Back in Stock

Our Organic Grass-Fed and Finished Lamb is now back in stock.Lamb proved a very popular choice for Mother’s Day and Easter!A big thank-you to all of you who ordered back in March, we hope that you enjoyed your lamb dinners.Whether you didn’t quite manage to order in time, or even if you did and you’re…

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Stock Clearance: Save 30% on Ossa Double Concentrate Chicken Broth

Save 30% on Ossa Double Concentrate Chicken Broth while we clear the current stock from the fridge. The current stock has a “Best Before” date of 10th April, which will be passed by the time it is delivered (Next available delivery date is Tuesday 13th). The broth is still perfectly good after this date, it…

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Last Orders for Easter

Today is the last chance to order for delivery before Easter. Order by midnight tonight for delivery on Thursday 1st April. We wish you all a happy and healthy bank holiday weekend!

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New Ossa Organic Bone Broth Boosts

Ossa Organic’s Bone Broth Boosts are the latest edition to our extensive range of slow cooked organic bone broths. These slow-cooked organic bone broth boosts are made with premium organic herbs and vegetables. Rich in collagen and amino acids, they are a cupboard essential. Yes, that’s cupboard, no chilling required. The new boost range is…

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Why choose to eat wild venison?

We have a limited number of wild venison selection boxes available. The venison is from the Pendle / North Lancashire area. Why choose to eat wild venison? There are 3 main reasons to choose to eat wild venison. Help control the deer populationWith no wolves, deer populations grow until their numbers become unsustainable, resulting is…

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