Regenerative Agriculture

Sustainable, Ethical, High Welfare, Organic

Welcome to Green Pasture Farms

We practice Regenerative Agriculture

We farm in harmony with nature to produce meat that is nutritious and delicious, while supporting the soil, biodiversity and animal welfare.

We use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. All of our produce is Certified Organic.

Organic Pasture Raised Cows in Pendle

100% Organic Grass-Fed Beef and Lamb

Our cattle and sheep roam the fresh green pastures of Pendle, North Lancashire.

We make hay while the sun shines to ensure they have ample grass to eat in winter.

Read about the benefits of grass-fed meat here.

Whole Organic Grass Fed Lamb

Organic Pork and Chicken

Pigs and Chickens can’t be grass-fed, but should still be raised outdoors and forage for their natural diet.

Learn about the differences between organic, free range and outdoor reared here.

Whole Organic Pig

Our Products

Taste the Difference

Farming in this manner is a win win situation, as it’s not only kinder to the animals and the planet, but also produces meat that is higher in essential nutrients and healthy fats.

The proof of the pudding of course is in the eating – try our organic pasture raised meat and you’ll never go back!

Organic Grass Fed Beef Fillet Roast
Organic Grass Fed Beef Fillet Roast

Gluten & Nitrate Free

All of our products are free from gluten, nitrites, nitrates, or any other artificial ingredients or chemicals.

You can find the full ingredients list of any of our deli items on the product page.

Read what sets our organic nitrite & nitrate free bacon apart from the rest!

Nitrate Free Organic Streaky Bacon
Nitrate Free Organic Streaky Bacon

Bones, Broths and Fats

Properly prepared, there isn’t a part of the animal which isn’t tasty and packed with goodness.
Bones and Fats in particular have incredibly high nutritional value.

We offer stock and marrow bones, plus a range of ready to drink broths.

Read about the benefits of bone broth here.

Bones, Broths & Fats

Our Service

Flexible Delivery

Choose your preferred delivery date at the checkout. We deliver all across mainland UK.

Standard delivery is FREE on orders over £80.

On the morning of delivery you’ll receive a 2 hour delivery window and a tracking code to follow your delivery.

Read more about delivery here.

Convenient & Eco-Friendly Packaging

All of our meat is sent out fresh, vacuum packed for your convenience. Once received you can keep it in the fridge for 5 days, or freeze for up to 6 months.

It’s kept cool with our innovative insulating liners made from 100% recycled paper which keeps the meat fridge cold for up to 48 hours!

Read more about safe food storage here.

Barnsley Chops
Grass-Fed Barnsley Chops

Five Star Service

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality service.

We get our orders out on time and exactly as you requested them. On the rare occasion that there’s an issue we’ll always resolve it within 24 hours.

Don’t take our word for it though, check out our independently verified Google Reviews page here!

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